New Zealand is absolutely my favorite place on the face of the planet. I’ve made it down there twice, once for a month before I met my wife, and once for just under 3 weeks with her as we drove thousands of kilometers exploring as much of both islands as we could. As much as I love it, I don’t think I’d want to live there full time (I kind of like the US, despite our current administration).

But the latest news from New Zealand does give me a bit of an itch to head back down and “experiment” with the law. Seems a young fellow made about $31K giving some bad guys software they used to rake in something like $20M. Bad stuff-

Mr Walker was detained in the North Island city of Hamilton last November as part of an investigation with US and Dutch police into global networks of hijacked PCs, known as botnets

He’s 18, so odds are jail time, right? Like serious jail time?


Judge Judith Potter dismissed the charges, relating to a 2006 attack on a computer system at a US university, saying a conviction could jeopardise a potentially bright career.

Nice. Hey, I think I might want to be a security guard at a convenience store, okay if we drop that little assault and robbery thing? I made way less than $31K? Heck, I didn’t steal the cash, I just drove the car, gave someone the gun and ski mask, and…