Cloud computing is the single biggest change to computing we have seen, fundamentally changing how we use computing resources. We have reached a point where multi-cloud support is a reality for most firms; SaaS and private clouds are complimented by public PaaS and IaaS. With these changes we have received an increasing number of questions on how to protect data in the cloud, so in this research paper we discuss several approaches to both keeping data secure and maintaining control over access.

From the paper:

Controlling encryption keys – and thus also your data – while adopting cloud services is one of the more difficult puzzles in moving to the cloud. For example you need to decide who creates keys (you or your provider), where they are managed (on-premises or in-cloud), how they are stored (hardware or software), how keys will be maintained, how to scale up in a dynamic environment, and how to integrate with each different cloud model you use (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and hybrid). And you still need to either select your own encryption library or invoke your cloud service to encrypt on your behalf. Combine this with regulatory and contractual requirements for data security that – if anything – are becoming more stringent than ever before, piecing together a solution that addresses these concerns is a challenge.

We are grateful that security companies like Thales eSecurity and many others appreciate the need to educate customers and prospects with objective material built in a Totally Transparent manner. This allows us to perform impactful research and protect our integrity.

You can get a copy of the paper, or go to our research library to download it there.