1. Someone will predict a big cyberattack someplace that may or may not happen.
  2. Someone will predict a big SCADA attack/failure someplace that probably won’t happen, but I suppose it’s still possible.
  3. Someone will predict that Apple will do something big that enterprises won’t adopt, but then they will.
  4. Someone will predict some tech will die, which is usually when a lot of people will buy it.
  5. Most people will renew every security product currently in their environment no matter how well they works (or don’t).
  6. Someone will predict that this time it’s really the year mobile attacks happen and steal everyone’s money and nekked photos off their phones. But it probably won’t happen, and if it does the press headlines will all talk about ‘iPhone’ even if it only affects Motorola StarTACs.
  7. Vendors will scare customers into thinking 20 new regulations are right around the corner – all of which require their products.
  8. There will be a lot of predictions with the words “social networking”, “2.0”, “consumerization”, “Justin Bieber”, and whatever else is trending on Twitter the day they write the predictions.
  9. Any time there’s a major global event or disaster, I will receive at least 8 press releases from vendors claiming bad guys are using it for spam/phishing.
  10. Some botnet will be the biggest.

And a bonus:

#11. The Securosis Disaster Recovery Breakfast at RSA will totally rock.

I miss anything?

Update – 12. Someone will predict cloud computing will cause/fix all these other problems (via @pwrcycle)