Ah, RSA. Not much more to say, but we managed to squeeze out a good 30 minutes of recap and conclusions. We spent most of our time on a few issues, especially some of the lessons from our Security Groundhog Day panel, and tried to avoid too many frat-boyish, “I was so drunk at that party dude!”-isms.

Overall the conference was pretty much the same as always. The show floor was subdued, with lower traffic, and it started to feel like the industry is maturing a bit. Still, there were far too many biometric and secure USB device vendors floating around.

We close off with a discussion of which security shows make the most sense for you, depending on where you are in your career. Unless you’re there for business development and networking/socialization, RSA probably isn’t the show for you.

You can download it at NetSecPodcast.com.