A bit of a different episode this week. Since Martin is traveling, rather than a guest host this week we’re posting the last of the interviews recorded at DefCon- but this one is a doozy. David Mortman, Dave Maynor, Chris Hoff, Robert “Rsnake” Hanson, and Larry Pesce join us immediately after we all finished our DefCon panel. Martin, as the sober one, interviews us as we record what is our first clearly explicit podcast. Yes folks, we hit all 7 dirty words plus a few bonuses. Not to worry, we do include some content as we discuss what we covered in the panel and whatever other topics flew into our adult-beverage-addled brains. We had a heck of a lot of fun putting the DefCon back into DefCon, and we hope you enjoy this little slice of the unfiltered.

Yes, this really is an explicit episode, so consider yourselves warned.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 116

Length: 24:00 (or so)