With the CanSecWest conference last week, right on the heels of Black Hat Europe, there have been many happenings in the security world. On top of that, our favorite investigative reporter managed to take down yet another group of bad guys by shining his flashlight in the right direction.



p>But before we delve into the week’s security news, we spend a little time talking about my shiny new Mac Pro, as Martin gives me a few parenting tips (don’t worry, we try not to bore you too much). I rant a bit on Apple’s stupidity with their cord-length on the new 24” Cinema Display. Seriously, only 3’6”? With no extension available anywhere?!?

Sigh. And now, on to the show.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 143, March 24, 2009

Show Notes:

(Yes, Alan, I just cribbed my own show notes again.)