Martin is on the road starting up his new job as a PCI auditor for Trustwave so I made my best attempt to record the podcast. More than a few technical difficulties later, we finally completed recording. Sorry about the extra reverb, I’m still figuring out my setup and accidentally left it a little high. For the record, Audio Hijack Pro rocks and I regret trying to record without it.

The show is shorter tonight to account for Martin’s travel. We spend a fair bit of time talking about Apple products due to the upcoming release of OS X 10.5 and happenings in the world of the iPhone. I also chastise Martin for being in Denver and thinking the Rockies are just the big pointy things in the distance. I lived in Boulder for 16 years, and although I’m in Phoenix now I still tend to root for the old home teams. Except the Nuggets.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pre-order Leopard for my Mac…

Show Notes:

Network Security Podcast, Episode 81, October 17, 2007