Okay, it’s not that scary, other than the fact Martin isn’t even in the episode this week. That’s right, I flew solo and invited Glenn Fleishman from TidBITS and Wi-Fi Networking News to join me in an episode dedicated to the security issues around the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Glenn Fleishman is a TidBITS contributing editor and a Seattle journalist who covers technology for publications like The New York Times, Popular Science, and The Economist. He blogs daily about Wi-Fi and other wireless networking at Wi-Fi Networking News. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife Lynn, sons Ben and Rex, two iPhones, and a dozen Macs of various vintages.

This is one of the most significant updates to the OS X series of the Mac operating system, with more dedicated security updates than any other version. But although Apple clearly invested in security, they didn’t necessarily finish the job. A combination of incomplete security feature implementations and some new operating system features with security implications make this a release for us security geeks to keep our eyes on.

Show Notes:

  1. Rich’s pre-release TidBITS article on Security Improvements in Leopard
  2. Thomas Ptacek’s article evaluating the Leopard security features, post-release
  3. The ISFYM (Internet Security For Your Mac) post on Back to My Mac security problems by Open Door Networks
  4. Leopard firewall article from Heise Security
  5. Rich’s follow up article on Leopard Security

Network Security Podcast, Episode 82, October 31, 2007