A strange thing happened Tuesday night. Martin and I logged into Skype for our regular podcast recording session and we noticed two different, but familiar, voices on the line babbling about being Still Secure After All These Years.

Yes folks, we combined SSAATY and the Network Security Podcast. I couldn’t tell if Alan and Mitchell crashed our party, or if we crashed theirs, not that it matters.

We spent a fair amount of time talking about the privacy issues related to Facebook and other online sites. From employment issues to the political process, it’s clear that having your… youthful indiscretions saved for posterity on a search engine may cause some changes in how society views these things. We also discussed HP’s ridiculous claim that they employ 9 of the world’s 11 best hackers, and talked about the new Adobe exploits.

Overall a fun time for all, and sorry about some of the audio issues. These 4 way calls are always a little more challenging.

As always, the episode is available at netsecpodcast.com.


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