Simple website compromises can feel like crimes with no clear victims. Who cares if the Joey’s Bag of Donuts website gets popped? But that is not a defensible position any more. Attackers don’t just steal data from these websites – they also use them to host malware, command and control nodes, and proxies to defeat IP reputation systems.

Even today, strange as it sounds, far too many websites have no protection at all. They are built on vulnerable technologies without a thought for securing critical data, and then let loose in a very hostile world. These sites are sitting ducks for script kiddies and organized crime.

In this paper we took a step back to write about protecting websites using Security as a Service (SECaaS) offerings. We used our Quick Wins framework to focus on how Website Protection Services can protect web properties quickly and without fuss.

Of course it’s completely valid to deploy and manage your own devices to protect your websites; but Mr. Market tells us every day that the advantages of an always-on, simple-to-deploy, and secure-enough service consistently win out over yet another complex device in the network perimeter.

The landing page is in our Research Library. You can also download Quick Wins with Website Protection Services (PDF) directly.

We would like to thank Akamai Technologies for licensing the content in this paper. Obviously we wouldn’t be able to do the research we do, or offer it to you folks for this most excellent price, without companies licensing our content.