You read the series, now it’s time to download the collected works.

Okay, maybe you read the series of blog posts. And by “collected works” I mean “white paper”, but you get the idea.

This is one I wanted to do a year or two ago, but the market wasn’t ready. Fortunately the services have advanced significantly and enterprise adoption is rapidly increasing.

Before I link to the paper, an important note. I call these Cloud File Storage and Collaboration services, but Enterprise File Sync and Share is more commonly used. Sync and Share is limiting as a term, and includes non-cloud options I don’t consider in this paper. So I broke my usual rule and used a not-quite-universally-accepted term – hopefully I won’t regret it later.

This paper covers all the basics: how they work, core security features, and advanced security features.

You can download the paper here:

The Security Pro’s Guide to Cloud File Storage and Collaboration (PDF) Landing Page

Thanks to Box for licensing the content.