I am pleased to announce our Database Activity Monitoring: Software vs. Appliance Tradeoffs research paper. I have been writing about Database Activity Monitoring for a long time, but only been within the last couple years have we seen strong adoption of the technology. While it’s not new to me, it is to most customers! I get many questions about basic setup and administration, and how to go about performing a proof of concept comparison of different technologies. Since wrapping up this research paper a couple weeks ago, I have been told by two separate firms that, “Vendor A says they don’t require agents for their Database Activity Monitoring platform, so we are leaning that way, but we would like your input on these solutions.” Another potential customer wanted to understand how blocking is performed without an in-line proxy. These are exactly the reasons I believe this paper is important, so I’m glad this is clearly the right time to examine the deployment tradeoffs. And yes, these questions are answered in section 4 under Data Collection, along with other common questions.

I want to offer a special thanks to Application Security Inc. for sponsoring this research project. Sponsorship like this allows us to publish our research to the public – free of charge. When we first discussed their backing this paper, we discovered we had many similar experiences over the last 5 years, and I think they wanted to sponsor this paper as much as I wanted to write it. I hope you find the information useful!

Download the paper here (PDF).