A while back I got the weird idea that Database Activity Monitoring is useful enough that it would make sense to do the same thing for file repositories. I’m not talking about full DLP – but about granular tracking of user access to major file servers and document management solutions. I added “File Activity Monitoring” to the Data Security Lifecycle and figured someone would develop it eventually.

And that day is finally here, and the tech is way cooler than I expected – tying in tightly (in most cases) to entitlement management for some nifty real-time security scenarios. This is pretty practical stuff, with uses such as detecting a user snagging an entire directory and catching service accounts poking around inappropriate files.

I am excited to launch our white paper on the topic, Understanding and Selecting a File Activity Monitoring Solution. That’s the landing page, or you can download the PDF directly.

Special thanks to Imperva for licensing the report, and I hope you like it.