A new wireless exploit was released today over at the Month of Kernel Bugs affecting the Broadcom wireless chip set (one of the most widely used in the industry).

Just because you didn’t purchase anything with “Broadcom” in the name doesn’t mean you aren’t using it, since they provide the chips to a lot of manufacturers including HP, Dell, Gateway, eMachines, and Linksys.

There is already a Metasploit module, which means anyone with a modicum of technical skills, a wireless card, and a web browser can take over any vulnerable computer in wireless range.

If you use wireless, at all, it’s just a good time to go update your wireless drivers.

Although Broadcom released patched drivers, not every PC manufacturer has updated their versions. George Ou has instructions on using the Linksys drivers to update any Windows system, but I suggest most of you just be careful with your wireless in public places and wait for official patches from your hardware provider. Keep an eye out over at SANS, which is the best place to track these sorts of incidents.

Oh. Before I forget.

We told you so.