Over at Network World Anton Gondalves wrote Security industry in ‘rut,’ struggling to keep up with cybercriminals:

Dramatic changes are needed in multiple fronts if the security industry hopes to move ahead of cybercriminals, who are continuously finding new ways to breach corporate systems, experts say.

Some technology pros say the industry needs to develop new technologies and architectures that send hackers back to the drawing boards.

Meh. In many cases the technologies are already here, or deep into development. The problem isn’t a lack of innovation, but that people keep spending money on the same old crap. That’s a different kind of rut. Besides, no matter what we do, the bad guys will keep innovating around it, as they have been for thousands of years.

There are a couple good bits deeper in the article, including:

On the white hat side, security professionals get paid for how they defend, not what they share, and companies view knowledge as a competitive advantage. In addition, companies fear being sued by customers or partners, if the data shared relates to them.

That is a big one, and worthy of a separate article.