Over the holiday weekend my wife were walking across a big mall parking lot as we made our way from dinner to the only bar in our area carrying the big UFC fight. (Way more fun to watch than boxing anymore).

It was about 6:30 pm. We live in Phoenix, and it isn’t called the Valley for the Sun for nothing. It doesn’t really get dark until well after 8 unless there’s some sort of eclipse or massive asteroid headed for a world-ending collision.

As we were walking we both noticed a parked car with its engine running. The conversation went kind of like this:

Me: “I wonder why that car’s running without anyone driving it?”

Wife: “Maybe they have a dog or some…”

..pause as we glimpse naked (probably) teenagers moving around..

Me: “Woah”

Wife: “Stop looking!”

Me: “Wow. I mean it’s not like parking behind a building or anything!”

Wife (while laughing): “Stop looking!!”

Me: “Wow. Now why couldn’t I ever talk someone into doing that with me?”

Wife (still laughing): “Seriously, why can’t you stop looking! Leave them alone.”

Wife: “You think they know they’re parked in front of Babies R’ Us?”

Me: ..guffaw..

That guy is destined for marketing or PR; no one else can talk someone into doing that in a car in the middle of a busy parking lot, in the middle of the day, with nothing more than barely-tinted windows to block the view.