We realized last week that we may have hit the saturation point for activity on the blog. Right now we have three ongoing blog series and NSO Quant. All our series post a few times a week, and Quant can be up to 10 posts. It’s too much for us to keep up with, so I can’t even imagine someone who actually has to do something with their days.

So we have moved the Quant posts out of the main blog feed. Every other day, I’ll do a quick post linking to any activity we’ve had in the project, which is rapidly coming to a close. On Monday we posted the first 3 metrics posts for the Manage process. It’s the part where we are defining policies and rules to run our firewalls and IDS/IPS devices.

Again, this project is driven by feedback from the community. We appreciate your participation and hope you’ll check out the metrics posts and tell us whether we are on target.

So here are the first three posts:

Over the rest of the day, we’ll hit metrics for the signature management processes (for IDS/IPS), and then move into the operational phases of managing network security devices.