Just a quick update to say all is well, if a bit painful.

On Monday I had shoulder surgery to repair a moderate tear to my cartilage in the shoulder (the superior labrum, to be specific). Turns out the tear was a series of tears and I also managed to injure my rotator cuff. The 20 minute procedure took about an hour (still minor in the scheme of things) and my recovery will take a little longer than expected. The worst part is this week as I get past the initial pain, after that everything should be on track.

I want to thank Chris Pepper (who starts a new job in a couple of days) and Dave Mortman for keeping an eye on the blog and contributing new content. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince Dave to keep contributing after I’m back full time. Dave is one of those rare individuals who can combine the practical and the theoretical in security, and has held the management positions to actually execute his theories.

I’ll be taking it easy for another couple of days, but I’m past the hump and have a full schedule next week. Thanks for all the support, and we’ll be back to encryption, DAM, and all your favorite acronyms before you can say “Vicodin”.