Lots of folks talk lovingly about their first computers. Mine was a Timex Sinclair I ran through my 10” black-and-white TV. But that wasn’t the first computer I played with. My Dad was pretty early into the word processing world as part of his law practice. So when we went to the computer show down in NYC and checked out all the new wares, I was like a kid in a candy store.

When he lugged home the Kaypro II, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. And evidently a significant productivity enhancer, especially hooked up to that old daisy wheel printer. You remember those, right?

So when I saw Throwback Thursday: Kaypro II Stole My Heart on InformationWeek, it was a nostalgic moment.

The Kaypro II, released in 1982, featured two 5¼-inch double-density floppy-disk drives, 64 KB of RAM, and ran Digital Research’s CP/M operating system. Weighing in at 29 pounds, it and other PCs like it were dubbed transportables or, more cheekily, luggables.

Luggable LOL. Though I do remember my Dad lugging the Kaypro between his condo and the office, so I guess it was transportable. And mention of the 9” green (monochrome) CRT made me smile as well.

Of course my kids will have no grasp of what the early days of personal computing were really like. They are bitching about their old iPod touches that won’t run iOS 8. And they are right – technology is moving so fast that a 5-year-old device is severely limited.

But old folks (or at least survivors of that early computer age) like me remember. And we laugh. Because the progress we have seen over the past 30 years is really incredible. Yet it’s only beginning. I cannot even imagine what things will look like in another 30 years.

Photo credit: “untitled” originally uploaded by Marcin Wichary