So a buddy of mine back from when I was on the customer side contacted me recently. He’s at a new company doing some very interesting work on detecting certain classes of online fraud and amounts of malware on websites. So far he’s gathered some fascinating data on just how bad the problem is, and I’m trying to convince him that he should start publishing some of his aggregate data in a quarterly or semi-annual report. He is very interested but would love some community input on what the report should look like, which brings me to you.

Some of what should be in such a report is obvious – such as rate of detected fraud overall and by various industry verticals. The rest isn’t so clear and that’s where you all come in. Put on whatever hat you like – CISO, CFO, security researcher, risk officer, consumer, or whatever else – and what would you like to see in such a report? Are there things you hate about other reports? Or are there things you wish they covered which they never do? Throw out your requests, rants, comments, ideas, and questions in the comments and I’ll collect them all together and summarize them in a future post. If this really takes off, I’ll move it over to the forums.