What should you do right now? That’s one of the toughest questions for any security professional to answer. The list is endless, the priorities clear as mud, the risk of compromise ever present. But doing nothing is never the answer. We have been working with practitioners to answer that question for years, and we finally got around to documenting some of our approaches and concepts.

That’s what “Fact-Based Network Security: Metrics and the Pursuit of Prioritization” is all about. We spend some time defining ‘risk’, trying to understand the metrics that drive decisions, working to make the process a systematic way to both collect data and make those decisions, and understanding the compliance aspects of the process. Finally we go through a simple scenario that shows the approach in practice.

Check out the landing page for the report, if you want a better feel for the content, or download the report directly: Fact-Based Network Security: Metrics and the Pursuit of Prioritization (PDF)

We would like to thank RedSeal Networks for sponsoring this research.

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