I figure our lack of blogging has created a vacuum of mostly-useless security snark and babble. Who else can put so little content in so many words? But all is not lost – we continue banging away building content for the Nexus. Thanks to a few of our excellent clients, you have the opportunity to hear me ramble on about two of my favorite topics this week. If you need some excuse to get out of your root canal appointment, need to postpone that audit findings meeting, or perhaps just choose not to grovel for 2012 budget on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, do a little clicky-clicky and join me for the following webcasts…

  1. Log Data is Not Enough! How to Supplement Logs with Network Security Analytics: On Wednesday 12/14 @ 1 PM ET, I’ll be joined by Solera Networks as we discuss how to react faster and better to attackers. I’ll be covering a lot of the content in our Applied Network Security Analysis blog series. Register here.
  2. Network Security – Measuring the Immeasurable: On Thursday 12/15 @ 2 PM ET, I’ll be joining RedSeal Networks to talk about security metrics and how to prioritize your security efforts based on data, as opposed to making stuff up. This event will be a more interactive discussion of some of the concepts discussed in the Fact-based Network Security paper. Register for the event here.

There will be plenty of time during both events to ask questions. So hopefully you’ll be able to dial in and virtually heckle me on Twitter during the event. Looking forward to seeing you all at both these events.