I’ve talked to some of the local crew, and we’ve decided to hold a special pre-BH/DefCon SunSec on July 31st (location TBD).

We’re going to take a bit of a different approach on this one. A while back, Vinnie, Andre, myself, and a couple of others sat around a table trying to think of how to jazz up SunSec a bit. As much as we enjoy hanging out and having beers, we recognize the Valley of the Sun is pretty darn big, and some of you need a little more than just alcohol to get you out of the house on a Wednesday of Thursday night.

We came up with the idea of the Phoenix Security Slam (PiSS for short). We’ll move to a venue where we can get a little private space, bring a projector, and have a little presentation free for all. Anyone who presents is limited to 10 minutes, followed by Q&A. Fast, to the point, and anything goes.

For this first run we’ll be a little less formal. I’ll bring my DefCon content, and Vinnie has some other materials to preview. I may also have some other good info about what’s going down in Vegas the next week, and I’ll share what I can. We’ll limit any formal presentation time to an hour, and make sure the bar is open before I blather.

If you’re in Phoenix, let me know what you think. If you’re also presenting at BH/DC and want to preview your content, let me know.

Also, we could use ideas for a location. Some restaurant where we can take over a back room is ideal.