Apparently the RSA Conference folks failed to regain their senses after letting us have free reign last year to post our RSA Conference Guide to the conference blog. We changed the structure this year, and here is how we explained it in the introductory post of the Guide.

In previous years the RSAC-G followed a consistent format. An overview of top-level trends and themes you would see at the show, a deep dive into our coverage areas, and a breakout of what’s on the show floor. We decided to change things up this year. The conference has grown enough that our old format doesn’t make as much sense. And we are in the middle of shaking up the company, so might as well update the RSAC-G while we’re at it.

This year we’ll still highlight main themes, which often set the tone for the rest of the security presentations and marketing you see throughout the year. But instead of deep dives into our coverage areas, we are focusing on projects and problems we see many clients tackling. When you go to a conference like RSA, it isn’t really to learn about technology for technology’s sake–you are there to learn how to solve (or at least manage) particular problems and projects.

This year our deep dives are structured around the security problems and projects we see toping priority lists at most organizations. Some are old favorites, and others are just hitting the radar for some of you. We hope the new structure is a bit more practical. We want you able to pop open the Guide, find something at the top of your list, jump into that section, and know where to focus your time.

Then we take all that raw content and format it into a snazzy PDF with a ton of meme goodness. So you can pop the guide onto your device and refer to it during the show.

Without further ado, we are excited to present the entire RSA Conference Guide 2016 (PDF).

Just so you can get a taste of the meme awesomeness of the published Guide, check out this image.

That’s right. We may be changing the business a bit, but we aren’t going to get more politically correct, that’s for sure. And it’s true. Most n00b responders soil their pants a bit until they get comfortable during incidents.

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Key Themes

Yes, all the key themes have a Star Wars flavor. Just because we can.

Deep Dives