Hey folks,

While we aren’t posting everything related to Project Quant here on the site, I will be putting up some major milestones. One of the biggies is to develop a survey to gain a better understanding of how organizations manage their patching processes.

I just completed my first rough draft of some survey questions over in the forums. The main goal is to understand to what degree people have a formal process, and how their processes are structured.

I consider this very rough and in definite need of some help.

Please pop over to this thread in the forums and let me know what you think.

In particular I’m not sure I’ve actually captured the right set of questions, based on our priorities for the project (I know survey writing is practically an art form).

Please let us know what you think. Once we lock it down we will use a variety of mechanisms to get the survey out there, and will follow it up with some focused interviews.