I am in the airport lounge after attending the WWDC keynote, and here are some quick thoughts on what we saw today:

  • The biggest enhancement is iCloud Keychain. Doesn’t seem like a full replacement for 1Password/etc. (yet), but Apple’s target is people who won’t buy 1Password. Once this is built in, from the way it appears designed, it should materially help common folks with password issues. As long as they buy into the Apple ecosystem, of course.
  • It will be very interesting to see how the activation lock feature works in the real world. Theft is rampant, and making these devices worthless will really put a dent in it, but activation locking is a tricky issue.
  • Per-tab processes in Safari. I am very curious about whether there is more additional sandboxing (Safari already has some). My main concern these days is Flash, and that’s why I use Chrome. If either Adobe or Apple improve Flash sandboxing I will be very happy to switch back.
  • For enterprises Apple’s focus appears to be on iOS and MDM/single sign on. I will research the new changes more.
  • Per-app VPNs also looks quite nice, and might simplify some app wrapping that currently does this through alternate techniques.
  • iWork in the cloud could be interesting, and looks much better than Google apps – but collaboration, secure login, and sharing will be key. Many questions on this one, and I’m sure we will know more before it goes live.

I didn’t see much else. Mostly incremental, and I mainly plan to keep an eye on what happens in Safari because it is the biggest point of potential weakness. Nothing so dramatic on the defensive side as Gatekeeper and the Java lockdowns of the past year, but integrating password management is another real-world, casual user problem that hasn’t been cracked well yet.