Fresh off today’s Daily Incite I saw that Raytheon acquired Oakley Networks.

Oakley is a bit of a strange bird- it’s not really DLP, but they have some interesting monitoring technology that’s well suited for certain environments- especially the federal sector that Raytheon plays in so strongly. Oakley started with an endpoint monitoring tool that’s like keystroke capture on steroids (and centrally manageable), and then bought a network tool vendor for monitoring acceptable use on the wire. It doesn’t have the advanced content awareness of DLP, nor some of the integration required for the filtering and discovery sides, but that’s not really what it’s used for. DLP records only on violations; Oakley is better described as “user activity forensics” (it’s more than that, but that’s the closest bucket).

I don’t expect to see Oakley/Raytheon break into the general enterprise market anytime soon, and I hope this ends the confusion of people lumping them into DLP (a lot of that’s their own fault from some decisions they’ve since moved past), but I think the Raytheon acquisition is reasonable and appropriate, and should be successful because of the federal focus. I don’t get to say that often about buyouts.

Good luck to Tom and the guys…