Just a quick note that I’m speaking at the Macworld conference this Friday in San Francisco on iOS security.

This is one of the few times I get to talk about basics with a completely-consumer audience. Last year was my first time speaking (after attending for a few years), and you can’t spend any time there and still believe the stupid “Mac users think they are invulnerable and don’t care about security” meme.

There are two cool things about this year. First, that I was invited; with the new baby I missed the call for papers and wasn’t planning on speaking, but it seems they wanted some more security content. Second, that this is hands-on. I have a 75 minute session to walk everyone through securing their iOS devices (and yes, un-jailbreaking is high on the list).

If you are there, drop me a line. I get in Thursday afternoon and fly home Friday night… normally I like to have more time, but it’s too close to RSA this year and it’s hard to get out for back to back trips with my kids so young.