Every year we like to start the RSA Guide with review of major themes you will most likely see woven through presentations and marketing materials on the show floor. These themes are a bit like channel-surfing late-night TV – the words and images themselves illustrate our collective psychology more than any particular needs. It is easy to get excited about the latest diet supplement or workout DVD, and all too easy to be pulled along by the constant onslaught of finely-crafted messaging, but in the end what matters to you? What is the reality behind the theme? Which works? Is it low-carb, slow-carb, or all carb? Is it all nonsense designed to extract your limited financial resources? How can you extract the useful nuggets from the noise?

This year we went a little nutty, and decided to theme our coverage with a sports and fitness flavor. It seemed fitting, considering the growth of security – and the massive muscle behind the sports, diet, and fitness markets. This year Jennifer Minella leads off with our meta theme, which is also the conference theme: change.