Tomorrow I’ll be giving a free webcast through SANS on Understanding and Selecting a Database Activity Monitoring Solution. Here’s the description:

Thanks to increasing compliance requirements and growing security threats, enterprises must adopt new strategies and techniques to protect their databases. Security and database administrators are charged with protecting these essential corporate assets, but are challenged to improve security and auditing in the least intrusive way possible. Database Activity Monitoring is emerging as a powerful tool to ensure compliance while detecting, and sometimes preventing, database attacks and internal abuse. In this webcast independent consultant Rich Mogull will review the inner workings of Database Activity Monitoring, highlight key features, and present a three step selection process.

You can sign up for it here.

I’ll be talking for about half the webcast, followed by 2 minute overviews from the sponsors, and closing with about 10 minutes of Q&A. It’s sponsored by Guardium, Imperva, Secerno, Sentrigo, and Tizor, which is over half the DAM market.

If you want to learn about this technology, you don’t want to miss it.