A little over a month ago we decided to try opening up an intern and Contributing Analyst program. Somewhat to our surprise, we ended up with a bunch of competitive submissions, and we’ve been spending the past few weeks performing interviews and running candidates through the ringer. We got all mean and even made them present some research on a nebulous topic, just to see what they’d come up with.

It was a really tough decision, but we decided to go with one intern and one Contributing Analyst.

David Meier, better known to most of you as Windexh8r, starts today as the very first Securosis intern. Dave was a very early commenter on the blog, has an excellent IT background, and helped us create the ipfw firewall rule set that’s been somewhat popular. He blogs over at Security Stallions, and we’re pretty darn excited he decided to join us. He’s definitely a no-BS kind of guy who loves poking holes in things and looking for unique angles of analysis. We’re going to start hazing him as soon as he sends the last paperwork over (with that liability waver). We’re hoping he’s not really as good as we think, or we’ll have to promote him and find another intern to beat.

David Mortman, the CSO-in-Residence of Echelon One, and a past contributor to this blog, is joining us as our first Contributing Analyst. David’s been a friend for years now, and we even split a room at DefCon. Since I owed David a serious favor after he covered the blog for me while I was out last year for my shoulder surgery, he was sort of a shoe-in for the position. He has an impressive track record in the industry, and we are extremely lucky to have him. You might also know David as the man behind the DefCon Security Jam, and he’s a heck of a bread baker (and cooker of other things, but I’ve only ever tried his bread).

Dave and David (yeah, we know) can be reached at dmeier@securosis.com, and dmortman@securosis.com (and all their other email/Twitter/etc. addresses).

You’ll start seeing them blogging and participating in research over the next few weeks. We’ve gone ahead and updated their bios on our About page, and listed any conflicts of interest there. (Interns and Contributing Analysts are included under our existing NDAs and confidentiality agreements, but will be restricted from activities, materials, and coverage of areas where they have conflicts of interest).