We ve talked a bit about the need to “be careful what we wish for,” in terms of making security a higher profile issue with senior management. Well, it’s no longer just vendors throwing FUD balloons that can splat at any time. I was perusing the Seeking Alpha investor site over the weekend when I found an article called Pandemic Cyber Security Failures Open An Historic Opportunity For Investors. Yes, I threw up a bit in my mouth when I read that headline.

The first sentence doesn’t help:

Cyber Security failures in the Western World have reached a pandemic stage.

Oy. Then the author goes on to quote lots of different sources designed to scare the crap out of the uneducated. It’s awesome. Then he talks a bit about the reality of current defenses:

From my discussions with top security professionals at leading security organizations, including Big 4 consulting and assurance companies, software such as Antivirus and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) are currently only marginally effective at catching security threats.

Ugh. But it gets better. Of course when you throw this much FUD you need to have solutions, right? The partnership between VMWare and Cisco is going to integrate network defenses into the virtual computing used in cloud deployments, didn’t you know? That will definitely help address the pandemic. And get this beauty about HP’s innovation in the space:

In addition, HP (HPQ) has developed software to link operational system logs with security event logging, enabling network operations and security to unite in common defense of corporate networks. Eliminating functional silos in network operations and security means more coordinated and efficient defenses against attackers.

Hello! 2004 called and they want their functional silos back. This is when you really wish the uneducated wouldn’t do a few minutes of research and then think they understand security. I don’t feel bad that professional investors may see (and even act on) this kind of crap. But I do worry about unsuspecting individual investors who are most vulnerable to this drivel.

Now please excuse me while I take some deep, cleansing breaths…