Guess where I spent the day?

I’ll warn you now, I have a bad habit of taking metaphors too far.

Security is like dentistry:

  1. It costs more than you think it should.
  2. It’s more painful than the providers ever tell you.
  3. If you don’t keep up with ongoing maintenance it costs A LOT more and is WAY more painful.
  4. It’s really hard to find a good provider.
  5. Most vendors prey on fear.
  6. Some vendors sell a pretty smile, not that their products actually work.
  7. If you make decisions based only on financial Return On Investment you’ll really screw things up.

and finally,


p style=”text-indent:20pt;”>8. No matter how many times you strap someone to a chair, shine a light in their face, and poke them with sharp objects until they bleed you can’t make them any smarter. Time to go rinse…

(edited 8/31 adding point 7)