Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems create a lot of controversy among security folks – they are a pain but it is an instrumental technology for security, compliance, and operations management. The problem is – given the rapid evolution of SIEM/Log Management over the past 4-5 years – that product obsolescence is a genuine issue. The problems caused by products that have failed to keep pace with technical evolution and customer requirements cannot be trivialized. This pain becomes more acute when a SIEM fails to collect the essential information during an incident – and even worse when it completely fails to detect a threat. Customers spend significant resources (both time and money) on caring for and feeding their SIEM. If they don’t feel the value is commensurate with their investment they will move on – searching for better, easier, and faster products. It is only realistic for these customers to start questioning whether their incumbent offerings make sense moving forward.

We are happy to announce the launch our latest research paper: Security Management 2.5. We discuss changing customer demands, and how vendors are altering their platforms to address them. We then provide a detailed process to help determine whether you need to swap providers, and if so how.

We would like to thank IBM and McAfee for licensing this research. Support from the community enables us to bring you our Totally Transparent Research free of charge, so we are happy IBM and McAfee chose to license this report. You can get the full paper: Security Management 2.5: Replacing Your SIEM Yet?