At Black Hat last week, it became apparent just how mainstream our little part of the world has become. And it’s not so little any more, either. When 2 of the top 5 articles on are related to cyber we have hit the big time. But that also means promoters and other shysters will start showing up in even greater numbers to capitalize on the media hype machine looking for any kind of news to drive page views.

So when the Internet blew up Monday with news of 1.2 billion credentials and a crapton of emails being stolen, everyone in the business just shrugged. What’s another billion stolen credentials between friends, right?

Thankfully not everyone was at Black Hat, and some reporters who actually report questioned the findings. Here is an awesome and more detailed post unveiling the over-promotion and tactics underlying the findings. It seems like something Greg Evans 2.0 would do – including bigger numbers. And thankfully folks jumped on the protection racket offer to charge folks $120/year to ‘protect’ them, whatever that means. You also gotta love the way this guy tried to get folks to share their passwords to check if they were stolen (h/t to HD Moore for that one). LOL.

The song remains the same. Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t be surprised when more and more shysters start showing up to get their 10 minutes in the sun. And the mass media will continue to provide and fuel the engine. They certainly won’t let the truth get in the way of a few million page views.

Photo credit: “Troll” originally uploaded by Doug Wildman