October 12, 2007, Phoenix, AZ

Securosis, L.L.C., the world’s leading provider of security consulting services, announces that cybercrime has reached record levels since the dawn of history.

“Cybercrime continues to increase at a staggering rate,” says Rich Mogull, Founder, CEO, Jedi, and part-time neurosurgeon. “Losses are higher this year than at any time in history. We highly advise companies to immediately engage with us at non-discounted rates to assure they are protecting their children and stopping terrorism.”

About Securosis

Securosis, L.L.C. is the world’s leading provider of IT security consulting services and impractical security dribble. Securosis’ customers include all of the Fortune 1000, most major governments, and a few minor religious institutions. Securosis helps customers achieve compliance with all international laws and defend themselves from all known zero-day attacks while leveraging synergies through thought leadership. We’re really smart- give us money or we’ll scare your grandma.