Ah yes, as spring approaches, so does Sundance for Ugly People (as a friend likes to call the RSA Security Conference).

We will, of course, be there. But unlike other years we have a little surprise brewing.

Schedule-wise I’m giving one track session, and participating in 3 panels:

  • Tuesday at 1:30 PM: Discover, Protect, and Securely Share Sensitive Corporate Data (panel on DLP/DRM/etc.).
  • Tuesday at 4:10 PM: “Groundhog Day” – History Repeats Itself (with Rothman, McKeay, Mortman and Ron Woerner- my favorite panel).
  • Thursday at 9:20 AM (those bastards, 9am?): Which Security Tools Take Priority in a Challenging Economic Climate? (panel with Shimel, Rothman, and… okay, sorry to leave someone off). Should be a hoot.
  • Friday at 10:10 AM: Disruptive Innovation and the Future of Security (With The Hoff. Flat out, this session is going to rock, and it’s worth changing your flight to stay for).

We’re still figuring out our schedule for non-official speaking slots. Priority goes to the paying clients (since we are totally… “professionals”… and need to pay for our post RSA rehab trip). We have a few slots open, but also some things on the table and are hoping to lock it down by next week (breakfast/lunch/mid-day stuff only, evenings are all tied up already).

Like many of you, we plan to fully participate in all the evening activities. If you’ve been to RSA before, you also know that comes at a price to be extracted the following morning. To ease your pain, on Wednesday we are sponsoring the Securosis Recovery Breakfast. For a few hours we’ll have an open buffet with all the required recovery tools (aspirin, Tums, activated charcoal administered by an expired paramedic). No presentations, subdued lighting, and loud noises prohibited.

We’ll be posting more details on it next week, and highly encourage you to RSVP so we can make sure we have enough food. The location will be extremely convenient, and we should have it locked down in the next couple of days.

And that’s it! We look forward to seeing everyone there, and if you want to meet, please hit us up as soon as possible so we can coordinate schedules.