I was talking with Jeremiah Grossman out at the SOURCE Conference in Boston, lamenting the state of PCI certification. Although ASVs continue to drop their rates and reduce the requirements for compliance by issuing exceptions, it’s still a costly and intrusive process. Sure, pretty much anyone who signs up and completes payment achieves certification, but adoption rates are still low and only a fraction of the retail community, especially the online community, is compliant.

That’s why I got excited when I heard about Scanless PCI. They claim to use a patent-pending technique (doesn’t everyone) to certify merchants with no setup and no technology changes. The best part? It’s free. As in beer. Absolutely free. Free PCI certification? I don’t get the business model, but after evaluating the technology with Jeremiah and Robert Hansen (Rsnake) I’m convinced it works. If the top 2 web application security guys sign off on it, I’m all in.

According to Jeremiah,

Sounded too good to be true so I investigated their website. To my amazement I left the site completely convinced that their offering is every bit as effective at stopping hackers as other ASVs we”ve discussed here in the past. Their process was so straight forward I figured there was no excuse for my blog not to be PCI Certified as well. Check out the right side column, compliance was zip zap!

I’m sold, and Securosis is now PCI compliant!


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