October 12, 2007, Phoenix, AZ

Securosis, the world’s leading security blog, is proud to announce that it is now being protected by quantum cryptography.

“After reading about Swiss officials using quantum cryptography to protect ballot results entered by hand we realized that this advanced technology is now ready for mainstream adoption,” stated Rich Mogull, Founder, CEO, and fun-guy-but-not-that-kind-of-fun-guy. “We feel that quantum cryptography is the ultimate data protection technology and the best way to assure that our blog posts are not tampered with until we post them on our remotely hosted WordPress blog.”

Securosis has installed a fiber optic connection between their authoring system and posting system to support the new security program. Although posts were previously authored and posted using the same MacBook Pro, a second machine was needed to create the fiber connection required for the quantum cryptography. The two systems are located on the same desk with the fiber connection completely visible. The fiber line is under constant observation using video surveillance to further hamper tampering, but the recordings aren’t reviewed to avoid quantum effects such as the observed systems switching places or becoming “strangely attracted”.

“We can now be assured that our posts maintain both their confidentiality and integrity during the development process, until they are posted unencrypted over the public Internet. We felt this was a far better investment than renewing our expired SSL certificate.”

Securosis evaluated a number of competing technologies, including checksums, hashes, and TLS, but concluded that quantum cryptography was superior because it used the word “quantum”.

“History has shown, as documented in Star Trek, that anything quantum has to be better. It’s a totally cool word and scientists are really into it, so it has to be more secure.”