We keep pretty busy schedules at RSA every year. But the good news is we do a number of speaking sessions and make other appearances throughout the week. Here is where you can find us:

Speaking Sessions

Other Events

  • e10+: Rich and Mike are the hosts and facilitators for the RSA Conference’s e10+ program targeting CISO types. That’s Monday morning from 8:30 to noon.
  • America’s Growth Capital Conference: Mike will be moderating a panel on the future of network security at the AGC Conference with folks from Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Packet Motion, and Fidelis. This session is Monday at 2:15pm.
  • Security Blogger Meet up: Securosis will be at the 4th annual Security Blogger Meet up at the classified location. You need to have a blog and be pre-registered to get in.
  • Disaster Recovery Breakfast: Once again this year Securosis will be hosting the Disaster Recovery Breakfast on Thursday, Feb 17 between 8 and 11 with help from our friends at Threatpost and Schwartz Communications. RSVP and enjoy a nice quiet breakfast with plenty of food, coffee, recovery items (aspirin & Tums), and even the hair of the dog for those of you not quite ready to sober up.
  • Holding court at the W: If you are up for late night hijinx – and like to laugh at stumbling, bumbling security industry folks – show up at the W’s lobby bar after the parties break up. It’s always a good time and you are very likely to see one or all of us Securosis folks there getting into trouble. And accepting drink donations.
  • Fortinet Panels: Mike will also be moderating the Security Mythbusting: Blowing up the Security Hype panels at Fortinet’s booth (#923) Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:30-2pm.

Travel safe and we’ll see you at RSA…