Big Bad Mike Rothman over at Security Incite just announced a new program he’s launching next months for consumers. Mike told me about this a while ago, and I think it’s a great idea.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement that I think summarizes why we need something like this (emphasis added):

If you like it, then it’s too hard The fact is, since you are a security professional, there is a high likelihood that you’ll hate it. It’s intentionally simple. It’s not designed for you. It’s not even Security 101. It’s kind of like Security Kindergarten. It’s secure, but it’s not complicated. Unfortunately the two are not mutually exclusive at this point. The sad truth is that anything too complex isn’t going to get done. I had to intentionally get rid of the buzzwords and vernacular that dominate our security conversations. Soccer Moms don’t care about zombies or IP spoofing. It’s designed for your family and/or your neighbors. Those folks that annoy the crap out of you by asking you to spend your weekends cleaning up the mess they made during the week. Security Mike’s Guide is not about making sure that the world class researchers can’t break into their home networks. It’s about making sure the script kiddie neighbor cutting his teeth doesn’t manage to break into your network and get at your Quicken file. Or find your “private” pictures (ask Vanessa Hudgens about that).

I plan on sending my family his way. We’re all tired of supporting their messed-up PCs and Macs, and I’m more than happy to outsource this to Mike.

He also has a new, family-friendly blog over at

(Okay, the Macs all seem to be working fine.)