I swore that I was not going to cover data ‘breach’ events unless there was something that was really interesting or unique about it. There are too many and the general public has grown desensitized as the number of records and the overall number of breaches is, well, mind numbing. But this caught my eye as I think I may have taken photos of this house when it went back to the bank:

Boxes containing loan applications, Social Security numbers and bank account information for residents of a Gilbert neighborhood have been discovered in a ransacked model home abandoned by a bankrupt developer. Several Higley Park model homes have been broken into since builder Randall Martin ceased operations. One home even had its garage door stolen, residents say. Julio Gonzalez, member of an ad hoc committee of Higley Park residents, found the boxes of paperwork when he was surveying the damage to the model homes.

This sort of thing is going to be a lot more common in the coming months: bankrupt businesses throwing their files in the trash, or in this case, just leaving them behind in the building and walking away. Weird that the police wanted nothing to do with the files as I would think this is evidence of a crime.