I was amused to get this in the mail today. Since I’m not a total bastard, I’ve removed the header and sender’s name.

From: xxxxxxx@dimacc.com Subject: Seeking an ad on your windows security page Date: December 6, 2007 2:45:09 PM GMT-07:00 To: rmogull@securosis.com Thanks for your great page on OSX vs. windows security over at http://securosis.com/2006/11/20/mac-vs-windows-security-its-a-whole-new-game-and-doesnt-matter/. I think you’ve built a great security resource and I am writing to ask if I could buy a text ad on that page for a security website. I can pay 35 dollars for the ad. Do you do paypal? Cheers, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Wow. A whole $35!!!! That could like pay for almost like a few months of my web hosting!!! I could, like, buy 1/3 of a nice dinner for a girl!!!!Maybe even my wife!!!!

Looking up their site I find the following:

David Robertson CEO and Founder When only the best will do, DIMACC is here for you! Specializing in Website Advertising As you may already have guessed, we’re in the marketing business. The company’s founder and CEO, David Robertson, is a 1989 Harvard graduate. While attending Harvard University working towards his MBA, a class project made Dave realize what his life calling was – Advertising. He was required to set up a mock business detailing every aspect including plans to make and keep it a success. He chose to create an advertising company for his project and enjoyed it so much that he wanted to pursue it in real life. Five years later, in Maplewood, Minnesota, this dream became a reality when DIMACC took on its first client. The company’s main goal, which remains #1 today, was to do anything and everything for the client so they get the results they are after. The advertising business can be a cut-throat and hectic business to get into, but with the knowledge and experience found at DIMACC mixed with the positive atmosphere found in the work environment, it’s no wonder this company has become such a success.

Well darn, Harvard! I’m impressed. What a success! They should be so proud!!!!

Oh well, it’s still better than Facebook’s Beacon garbage.