If any of you are involved with the Open Group, I’ll be giving a presentation at the Forum tomorrow in San Francisco. The topic ias:

The Future of Security: How Disruption and Innovation are Putting the “Information” Back In Information Security Unlike other areas of information technology, security is always battling with external forces. From external attackers to our own business initiatives, disruptions are our way of life. We are in the midst of a major shift as “information-centric” security evolves into the dominant security model, while we still need to maintain our investments of yesterday. The session will discuss these disruptive forces and assess how and where some of the established security technologies (firewalls and e-mail security), and emerging security technologies (data leak prevention, endpoint security, network access control, enterprise rights management, and on and on) will fit into our information-centric security architectures in the future.

At least that’s what I think I’m talking about- the description on the conference site doesn’t seem to match. Oh well, I’ll figure it ou when I get there.

Note that this is my half of an upcoming joint presentation with Chris Hoff. More details on that later…