‘This story has it all … theft of State Department data, forged credit cards, multi-government branch conspiracy, and murdered suspects. Sounds like an afternoon soap opera more than a Stolen Passport Data story from the Washington Post:

… On March 25, D.C. police officers on a routine patrol stopped a car on the suspicion that its windows were excessively tinted, an apparent violation of city law. Smelling marijuana, the officers searched the car and discovered that the 24-year-old driver was carrying 21 credit cards not in his name and printouts of eight passport applications – and that four of the names on the passport applications matched the names on four of the credit cards … But the investigation was hampered because Harris was fatally shot while getting into his car in Northeast Washington on April 17, just days after appearing in court on fraud charges and shortly after he agreed to cooperate in the probe …

The passport applicant database, given the type, quality and quantity of data contained therein, is like winning the identity theft lottery. The State Department has some ‘splainin to do!