‘It’s rare I laugh out loud when reading the paper, but I did on this story. It is a great angle on a moribund topic, saying that there is such a glut of stolen finance and credit data for sale that it is driving prices down.

LONDON (Reuters) – Prices charged by cybercriminals selling hacked bank and credit card details have fallen sharply as the volume of data on offer has soared, forcing them to look elsewhere to boost profit margins, a new report says.

The thieves are true capitalists, and now they are experiencing one of the downsides of their success. What do you know, “supply and demand” works. And what exactly are they going to do to boost profit margins? Sell extended warranties? Maybe it is just the latent marketeer in me coming to the fore, but could you just imagine if hackers made television commericals to sell their wares? Cal Hackington? Crazy Eddie’s Datamart?

It’s time to short your investments in Cybercriminals, Inc.