troll 1 |trōl| noun: 1. A cowardly creature that hides behind anonymity to demean, harass, or threaten others (sometimes illegally) because they lack the intelligence to engage in real dialog or debate. 2. A pathetic, almost-life form that leaches off society without contributing anything of value.

Trolls are the lowest form of life. Ugly, pathetic creatures of absolutely no worth, they strive to destroy the good work of others through intimidation. Trolls may lack intelligence, but they can be persistent pests, and in large numbers they can destroy a community. Some trolls are more aggressive and represent a physical danger, and must be dealt with harshly only by trained professionals, typically law enforcement.

Trolls have been tolerated in our society for too long- these… things… must be confronted and destroyed. While full eradication is impossible, concrete steps can be taken to limit their impact on the world. Trolls can be marginalized through persistent effort, but only when a community acts together to condemn their behavior.

You can participate in the Troll Eradication Project by taking a few simple steps:

  1. Reduce their habitat: Trolls live anonymously; very few have the intestinal fortitude to carry out their activities when they can be identified. Should trolls appear, forcing them to identify themselves will often scare them away. In some cases, more radical action needs to be taken and their ability to communicate restricted.
  2. Confront them: Trolls are cowardly, and will often flee confrontation when a community bands together. Some trolls may attack individuals, but few are willing to confront entire communities openly.
  3. Eliminate their food: Trolls feed off the negative energy they create. In some cases, persistently ignoring them may cause them to seek food elsewhere.
  4. Call in a professional: Some trolls are dangerous and violate the law. In these cases, law enforcement should be notified promptly. Outright threats and harassment are clearly illegal and should only be dealt with by professionals.

Remember- only YOU can prevent trolls. We must control the troll threat before our communities are overrun.


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Seriously folks- after yesterday’s events, we just can’t put up with this anymore.