If you can read this, you’ve found the brand spanking new Securosis! We’d call it Securosis 2.0, but we hate all that “2.0” stupidity. (We also hate “next generation”, for the record).

If I was in the terrain park I’d say I’m totally stoked, but since I’m only sitting at home in the office I’ll have to settle for really fracking excited!

We’ve been working on this for months, and we sure as heck hope you like it. There are a ton of new features, and we moved over to a new platform to support all sorts of goodness down the road. We know not everything is quite perfect yet, but we think we’re off to a great start and it’s far more functional than the old site.

Aside from the platform switch, the biggest addition is the Securosis Research Library. We know a lot of people come here to learn about the topics we cover, and rather than forcing you to crawl through a search engine we wanted one nice area that guides you exactly to what you’re looking for. We have one page per topic, with all the best things we’ve written or recorded on that subject, in a recommended reading order. You can even subscribe to it as an RSS feed and it will stay current in your reader. Right now we have only a handful+ of pages in there, but our goal is to flush it out with all the topics we cover, at the rate of 1-2 per week. We’re also adding content, such as presentations, on a daily basis as we get everything converted.

We now have a much better search engine and a cool tag cloud, and we’ve completely reorganized how we publish our whitepapers and other major content (you can find it in the Research Library).

For those of you who have registered here before, we pulled your user accounts over but killed your passwords. Just click on this link to reset your password and you’ll be right back in.

Finally, we know some of you were getting updates via email. We couldn’t migrate that over, but we set up a sweet new Daily Digest using MailChimp.

I’m totally friggen’ exhausted, so with that I’m going to grab a beer, go to sleep, and see what’s broken in the morning. I’d like to thank Insight Design for our awesome look, and Adam Khan of Engaging.net for all the help getting things running.

Need. Beer. Now.