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Mike, Adrian, and I are just back from a big planning session for what we are calling “Securosis 2.0”. Everything is lining up nicely, and now we mostly just need to get the website updated. We are fully gutting the current design and architecture, and moving everything into AWS. The prototyping is complete and next week I get to build out the deployment pipeline, because we are going with a completely immutable design.

One nice twist is that the public side is all read-only, while we have a totally different infrastructure for the admin side. Both share a common database (MariaDB on RDS) and file store (S3). We are estimating about a 10X cost savings compared to our current high-security hosting. As we get closer I’ll start sharing more implementation tips based on our experience. This is quite different from our Trinity platform, which is completely bespoke, whereas in this case we have to work with an existing content management system and wrangle it into a cloud native deployment.

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Last week we set the stage with Jenkins and I hinted that this week we would start on some security-specific tools. It’s time to talk about Gauntlt, one of the best ways to integrate testing into your deployment pipeline. It is a must-have addition to any continuous deployment/delivery process.

Gauntlt allows you to hook your security tools into your pipeline for automated testing. For example you can define a simple test to find all open ports using nmap, then match those ports to the approved list for that particular application component/server. If it fails the test you can fail the build and send the details back to your issue tracker for the relevant developer or admin to fix. Attacks (tests) are written in an easy-to-parse format.

It’s an extremely powerful way to integrate automated security testing into the development and deployment process, using the same tools and hooks as development and operations themselves.

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