Rich here.

Last night I arrived home around 11pm from the totally awesome SecTor conference in Toronto. It took about 11 hours to wend my way home through the air system, which has a certain beauty.

Yeah, I took it to 11.

Before that I was home for a couple days, during one of which we took the kids to the local aquarium-in-the-outlet-mall to meet the Octonauts. Yes, we have one of those. Yes, if your kids are of a certain age, they know the Octonauts. And yes, the Octonauts have a totally awesome Star Trek TOS vibe, and I weirdly learn cool stuff – like how freaky vampire squids are – from watching it. I won’t link – I want you to have the pleasure of searching for “vampire squid” and then not sleeping.

Before that I was in Amsterdam for 5 days. With my wife but without kids. I spent two of those days teaching the cloud security class for Black Hat, and the two free days touring around with her. Amsterdam reminds me of New Orleans in spots, which means it’s fun, and then it’s smelly. I have never been into the hedonistic stuff but I love cool historical cities. Especially without the kids.

Assuming they have beer.

Before that is a blur; it probably involved airplanes. Next week I head to Houston for Camp DevOps. I really like those events – so much so that I will spend 6 hours on a plane for what is normally an under-2-hour flight. One problem with traveling so much is that I struggle to find time to set up the next trip, so I got hammered with insane prices. I am unwilling to spend over $1K to fly from Phoenix to Houston, so I got a middle seat on Delta, routed through Salt Lake and Atlanta. Yay team.

After that, I can’t talk about it, but the week after that is Amazon re:Invent. I’m not speaking there, but even if you use other cloud providers re:Invent is a must-attend event. Okay, it helps if you use AWS, but still, there is a ton of great info, some of it generalized.

So there you have it. I am wicked jetlagged from too many time zones in too short a time, but when you work for yourself you can’t gripe too much about being busy. And, you know, 5 days in Amsterdam with my wife & my kids, so I should really just shut up and not complain.

On a different note, you may have noticed some weirdness with our site recently. We had a conflict between our super-secure hosting architecture and an underlying component update we couldn’t totally nail down. It got so bad we moved to a slightly-less-secure host temporarily, which fixed the problem. I am actually rearchitecting the entire deployment (with our developer contractors) to take advantage of all the cloud security and DevOps research I have been working on, but that move will take a little time. We apologize sincerely, and at some point I will provide a more detailed writeup.

On to the Summary:

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I guess this is why I didn’t post much on our own site. Need to work on that.

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